Episode 16

Adam Dewhirst - Passion, Growth & Fatherhood

Episode: 16 - Adam Dewhurst: Passion, Growth & Fatherhood

David and Adam get riff on the the components of the journey that took Adam from watching films on the sofa to being a creative on Marvel Movies and more, while considering how we nurture the next generation.

Guest at a Glance

Adam Dewhirst is a lead modeller at ILM (Industrial light and magic). He has over 17 years experience in VFX spanning Games, film, TV, commercials and children’s television. Perhaps one of his most loved creations is Rocket Racoon for Guardians of the Galaxy

Show Notes:

Stuff Adam has worked on that you love!

Epiphany moments and the journey into a career

Geekdom as a companion

The changing face of Comic Conventions and geek films/tv

What Farscape teaches us about growth

The influence of Spiderman

Navigating a relationship with a civilian

The Next Generation

Charting your life

Mentioned in this episode:

Hickman X-Men - https://www.comicbookherald.com/the-complete-marvel-reading-order-guide/jonathan-hickman-x-men-reading-order

Thor - https://www.marvel.com/comics/series/28031/thor_2020_-_present

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