Episode 19

Empathy, Bad Guys & the Justice League

Ep 19: Empathy, Bad Guys & The Justice League

Tipple: Siren Red Ale - One In All In - https://www.sirencraftbrew.com/stories-and-events/blog/granadilla-vs-one-in-all-in

Inspiration:  JLA 157 Till Doom do us Part

Finally on his 3rd attempt David gets to the point he meant to when he first started talking about this Justice League comic and it's all about Empathy.

Enter the boudoir of the Naked Geek and David Monteith will share all.

Many thanks to Joe Rawlinson-Hunt - https://joerawlinson-hunt.com/ and Siobhan Monteith https://twitter.com/siobhanmonteith for the use of their voices in this episode


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